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 Malum Discordia

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Berra Razuke

Berra Razuke

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PostSubject: Malum Discordia   Malum Discordia EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 12:24 pm

Username: BerraRazuke
IGN: Malum_Discordia (Or other servers Razukera)
Character Name: Malum Discordia
Age: Appears 17 (Otherwise Unknown)
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior, Thief, (in character undefined)
Weapon: Axe, Dual daggers, (In character a trident or spear)

Appearance: (Picture can be used instead of form; link if image is fairly large)
Height: 1' 2''
Weight: Somewhere around a pound
Hair: White
Eyes: Flame orange
Skin: Pale
Miscellaneous: Contrasting with her pale skin, black tattoos covered her whole body, Horns poked out of her head, large wings to fly with Wingspan: 1' 6".
Armor/Clothing: (See desc further down)

Pompous, cynical, mischievous, prejudiced, nosy, proud, curious
Mannerisms: Flying in circles around people, laughing hysterically, a loud talker, fidgety, giggly.
Likes: Demons, intelligent guys, a good competition,
Dislikes: Humans, Furres, the overly cheerful, unjust persecution, genocide, ignorance.

Relationships (will probably be more useful later on, once guild RP gets into full gear)
Parents: (unknown)
Children: N/A
Enemies: (unknown)

Misc: (Furcadia Description) A demoness -an imp to be precise- she was about the height of a table lamp, slightly bigger because the horns that poked out from her snow-white hair which reached down a little past her shoulders. Her eyes were a fiery orange. Around them there were black tattoos that contrasted with her pale skin they most likely covered all of her alluring, yet minuscule body. Around her neck there was a black choker necklace with a red gem that held a secret. A crimson and brown zipper up vest covered from her collarbone down to her pantline, it was usually slightly unzipped because it was a little small. However the top of her back was bare, to make room for her wings, which were more than large enough to enable her to fly. On her arms she wore gloves of the same color that went a little past her elbows. Lower, she wore short-shorts that covered a minimum amount of leg; a devil tail poked out from the back. On her legs there were boots that covered from her feet to a bit higher than her knees. Everywhere else fishnet stocking-like material covered the spots where skin would be showing.
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Malum Discordia
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