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 Elexa Vandreneth

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PostSubject: Elexa Vandreneth   Elexa Vandreneth EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 10:16 am

Username: Tsukumi_chan
IGN: Lexa_chan
Character Name: Elexa Vanderneth
Nickname: Lexa or Lex
Age: 16
Gender: female
Class: hunter (Magician) [aspires to Engineer]
Weapon: Staff (bow)
Group: none
Appearance Elexa Vandreneth Rppain12
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 120 lbs (lightly curvy)
Hair: white
Eyes: green
Skin: light pink, almost white
Miscellaneous: a black tatoo on her tongue
Armor/Clothing: cloth or light armor, mostly in red, brown or green.

Elexa has a split personality:
Outside the battlefield (Persona 1), she is a sweet and bubbly girl, but stupid and naive. However, inside the battlefield (persona 2), she becomes a cruel, bloodthirsty person, getting joy from the pain of her enemies and even her own. She may not be the strongest of all people, but she is determined to achieve her goal (see history).
(Her first personnality dosen't know about her second personality, but later on, she will have strange dreams in a weird place talking to a warrior inside a prison and she will move in her sleep)

(Persona 1) milk, meat, sweets and clocks (because of the tick-tick). (persona 2) Violence, battles, pain (not only her enemies’, but also her own), death and blood (seeing, not drinking).
Is afraid of:
(Both persona) Spiders, things that look like spiders in some way, the colour pink and soul guardians (but still link her soul to them, because she has to)

Elexa's life is quite mysterious. Not that she keeps it a secret, but she doesn’t remember it. Her memories start six months ago, when she woke up in a bed inside a big abandoned stone house, only knowing her name. She escaped from robbers who were inside the house, stealing every valuable they found and got "adopted" by two Zumi farmers. They gave her food and shelter, until she decided to leave, determined to get her memories back. Her life is still unknown, but there are some stories about a princess who got cursed for the sake of her kingdom. (Elexa will think she is the cursed princess, because she does have the curse of having the spirit of a bloodthirsty warrior inside her body, but she will find out later that in fact, the princess was too selfish and cowardly to do it. So, she made her bodyguard look like her and be sacrificed instead.)
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Elexa Vandreneth
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