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 Ventrillo/Xfire Infomation

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Ventrillo/Xfire Infomation Empty
PostSubject: Ventrillo/Xfire Infomation   Ventrillo/Xfire Infomation EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 10:46 am

If you have either Ventrillo or Xfire, you can use the information below to communicate with them. If you have Xfire, post your username on here and Xfire username to be added to the list. The Vent server status is unknown, so please download and register for xfire here. Make sure to befriend your fellow guildmates so we can all communicate! ^_^ Also, for those interested in Skype, please check user profiles; members should have their Skype username on there.

Server: Imperial Vent
Port: 4002
Password: notrolls

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Ventrillo/Xfire Infomation
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