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 Evoker (Malachite Alternate)

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Evoker (Malachite Alternate) Empty
PostSubject: Evoker (Malachite Alternate)   Evoker (Malachite Alternate) EmptySat Jul 02, 2011 3:15 am

Username: Evoker
IGN: Evoker
Character Name: Evo
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Class: Thief/Hunter/Engineer
Weapon: Dagger/Sword/Bow/Guns

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs (Athletic Build)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Light Tan
Miscellaneous: None yet
Armor/Clothing: Anything Light for faster movement

A quirky, random, get-on-your-nerves kind of guy, he is secret identity of Malachite in Diaspora. Travels around just randomly helping people for no reason, he has once met his sister Lapita on a journey to Goss mountains. He also tends to bump into Jilianna and Norallyn at random situations... He has undergone Thief training and is currently studying mechanical weapons and vehicles. He travels around diaspora in his Hovercopter "The Chocobo" and will jump down to save anyone who is in trouble. He also has a Hovercraft called "Salamander" for faster land travel. In some occasions he must take on Secret ninja missions with his friend Eria (even though eria only serves as an intelligence source).

Parents: Henry and Michelle Hanson
Siblings: Eria Lumen (22, F) Lapita Hanson
Partner: None
Enemies: Rino Gladestone (24, M, Abandonded Ninja Village)
Other: Norallyn, Jillian (random encounters) (later on will develop feelings for Nora)
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Evoker (Malachite Alternate)
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