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 Lady Inesbel Rosethorn

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PostSubject: Lady Inesbel Rosethorn   Lady Inesbel Rosethorn EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 1:39 am

Username: Norallyn
IGN: Inesbel
Character Name: Inesbel Rosethorn
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Class: Hunter (Bard, Knight-when I get there)
Weapon: Bow (Guitar, Dual rapiers)

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs, slim/petite
Hair: Light pink, short, reaches bottom of neck
Eyes: Pale white, completely blind
Skin: Really pale, hasn't seen daylight
Miscellaneous: None
Armor/Clothing: Light or cloth armor. She wears clothes mainly in the color of pink or light blue, her family colors.
Lady Inesbel Rosethorn 2mxo21v

Inesbel is in one word naive. She knows nothing of the world or what is happening to it. Has problems with trust, not that she doesn't trust anyone, but she instantly trusts anyone. Though she is considered an adult she has the mindset of a child and has innocent curiosity for most things. However she is fierce if someone she cares for gets hurt, other times she won't even hurt a bug.

Music, flower smells, dancing, learning about the world

Um................ poverty?

Parents: Lord William and Lady Avellyn Rosethorn
Siblings: None
Partner: None
Children: None
Enemies: None
Idol: (Whoever she clings to the most I guess)

Inesbel is the only child of the Noble Rosethorn household. She was born blind and as such treated with the utmost care. Never once did she leave the manor or meet anyone besides her servants. Her parents deemed her fragile and to protect her kept her existence secret from other Noble houses, to ensure she wouldn't be courted with anyone below their standards. her only friend was a small Razorfang Tiger cub her parent's gave to her as a pet. His name is, Tuneas (Tuna for short) and he helps her see by guiding her. Inesbel taught herself to see by using sound and smell, however she still tends to rely on Tuneas for help. Around the age of eighteen she asked her parents if she could leave and travel the world. Without hesitation they refused and she resorted to sneaking out on her own with Tuneas. Her parents believe she was kidnapped and has set out a ransom for her safe return.
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Lady Inesbel Rosethorn
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