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 Norallyn Astral

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PostSubject: Norallyn Astral   Norallyn Astral EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 8:02 pm

Username: Norallyn
IGN: Norallyn
Character Name: Norallyn Astral
Age: 23
Gender: female
Class: Magician (Cleric, Aspiring for warlock)
Weapon: Staff(will get a Grimoire)

Height: 175.26 cm (5’9”)
Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs)
Hair: Light orange, reaches waist
Eyes: Light orange (Right eye) pale Orange (Left eye)
Skin: Slight tan
Miscellaneous: Scar cutting across her left eye, making her blind in that one eye.
Armor/Clothing: mainly cloth. Anything in either purple or red.
Norallyn Astral 29l0o7l

Norallyn is quite prideful and believes she is superior to a lot of people. She has only two known emotions, angry and normal. Any others she refuses to show in front of other people. Her pastime is experimenting and alchemy, she views anyone and anything as just another ingredient to her everyday experiments. The only people she views higher than dirt are most other magicians and illusionists, sometimes clerics. Because of this she can be cruel and sadistic to others without any sort of remorse for her actions. Norallyn will get violent towards anyone if they even glance at her left eye and has been known to kill anyone that makes fun of her scar.

Parents: Marcus and Selinda Astral. Both are deceased.
Siblings: Roland Astral (Elder brother – 30) and Marcenne Astral (Younger Sister – 18) (Anyone can RP with Roland or Marcenne. I do not mind)
Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Enemies: N/A

Reading, making potions, alone time, tea, magic, plants, and cute cats

People, animals, most music, non-magical people, cities, and distractions


Norallyn was born from a crystal and adopted by the Astral family. She grew up in Aven, disliking every minute of it. Her parents were both mages and alchemists; as such they weren’t home often, leaving to go to the labs. Because of this her brother Roland was usually stuck with taking care of his younger sisters. Norallyn liked to be rebellious and snuck out to her parent’s labs to see what they were up to. When she was twelve Norallyn went to the labs again, but one of her parent’s mixtures failed causing an explosion. Some glass caught her face and left a scar across her left eye, her parents were not so lucky. Since the death of her parents Norallyn had changed. She started up her parent’s experiments even at a small age and began to lose interest with everything else. Once she turned eighteen, Roland left her with the responsibility of taking care of Marcenne. However Norallyn found herself unable to care for her and left the girl with a family friend. After two years of gathering all of the surviving documents of her parent’s research she left Aven to do field work with plants and potions. It’s been seven years and not once has she contacted any of her family. Norallyn had used those years to become a strong in the ways of magic.

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Norallyn Astral
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