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 Vendetta Ivanova

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PostSubject: Vendetta Ivanova   Vendetta Ivanova EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:22 pm

Username: Vendetta
IGN: Vendetta
Character Name: Vendetta Ivanova
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Class: Thief, Bard. Hopes to one day reach Blade Dancer.
Weapon: Dual daggers, Lute.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Brown.
Skin: Light.
Miscellaneous: N/A
Armor/Clothing: Vendetta wears a simple black headband with white trim on the edges. A black leather jacket covers her torso, clad in zippers and pockets. Underneath is a black shirt with a floral pattern. A dark denim pocket is attached to the right side of the tan pair of short shorts that she wears. Colossal tan boots shield her feet and legs, reaching just below her knees. Underneath she wears black and white striped socks that come to the middle of her thighs. On her right arm she sports a plain white sweatband, and on her right is a long black and white sleeve. A few inches above that is a pink ribbon tied into a neat bow, which she never removes.

Vendetta is hyperactive, but tires out easily due to her high energy and quick movement. She is hard-working and determined, set on becoming a powerful Blade Dancer. She is usually friendly and cheerful, although more often than not she only acts this way to gain people's trust. She's been known to be a bit of a pickpocket...

Parents: tbe
Siblings: tbe
Partner: tbe
Children: tbe
Enemies: tbe
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Vendetta Ivanova
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