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 Berra Razuke

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Berra Razuke

Berra Razuke

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PostSubject: Berra Razuke   Berra Razuke EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 12:13 pm

Username: berrarazuke
IGN: Razukera
Character Name: Berra Razuke (Razukera is a nickname of endearment)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Thief, Warrior (Asura IC)
Weapon: Main Class (Katana and spear IC)

Appearance: <---full body <---- Face

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 80-110 lbs.
Fur: Soft, Grey with red stripes
Hair: Black
Eyes: Right Red, left purple (Dichromatic)
Handedness: Left handed
Scars: One above and under his left eye. Several on his left arm.

Personality:Aspergers', Bipolar, Changes like the weather, impulsive, intelligent, depressive, shy, sarcastic,
Mannerisms: Stretches a lot, Fidgety, Bats his wings when he is thinking or excited, his tail seems to have a mind of its own.
Likes: Girls, Dark places, singing/playing instruments, being noticed, chivalry, a good argument
Dislikes: Large crowds, having a bounty on his species, hypocrisy, normal humans, wolves, werewolves, fighting (But will for a just cause), Running from a fight once started,

Relationships (will probably be more useful later on, once guild RP gets into full gear)
Parents: Father: Kai Razuke (Whereabouts unknown.) Mother: Kasumi YĆ«utsu (Very dead.)
Siblings: (unknown)
Children: N/A

Fighting Style: Berra fights with Psychokinetic energy for wave attacks and such. He is is also very fast.

Furcadia Description: Standing at a massively short five foot two inches, this gray furred, red striped, 18 year old Asche would walk by, almost unnoticed, lost in thought. His black hair was spiky in the front but in the back it was tied into a messy samurai ponytail. He had an odd blindfold that when he wore it, crossed in an 'X' over his face (The point of intersection was slightly above his nose.). this signified that he was practicing to become an Asura. He wore dark-colored armor which had a definite Japanese look to it. Save for a blood red Insignia on the breastplate, it was rather plain. On his back there were small raven-colored wings, one and a half foot each, they were too small for flight. Berra's race is hard to determine just by looking. But if one saw his eyes, which were usually visible, you'd notice they were dichromatic (right red, left purple) and had a crescent-shaped scar around his left eye. His tail was that of a demon's. His left arm was suffering from a "Condition" which made the arm pitch black with red "Tatoos" that covered up to his chest. He had recently picked up playing instruments for the entertainment of others, but he was shy for an entertainer.

Bio: Berra grew up in the village of Ascha in the country of Kinozuke.
Berra never knew his father too much, considering he left his mother when Berra was eight. He was dead for all he knew and cared.
Berra lost his mother, and most of his village, to a horde of Werewolves one day (hence his hatred of Werewolves and wolves). They had been stalking the village for weeks when they attacked. Prior to that the town messenger sent a letter to the humans in the city to help them, but came back with a 'no' (hence his dislike of humans). The village was slaughtered.. He ran after watching his mother die. Many things happened since then. The Asche bounty being one (It was a bounty on his species)

Other interesting Info/Facts:
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Berra Razuke
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