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 Henra Break

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PostSubject: Henra Break   Henra Break EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 1:59 am

Username: Henra
IGN: Henra
Character Name: Henra Break.
Nickname: Coffee.
Age: 24
Gender: Female.
Class: Hunter (Engineer, Ranger, BladeDancer is currently what she is aiming for.)
Weapon: Bow (Twin Swords; Lute.)


Henra Break

Height: 5'9
Hair: White hair which is styled to swoop smoothly in the front before being tugged up into a white braid that is tied in the back. The back of her hair is cut short and waved. Her white braids that slide over it would fall down to her shoulders if they were undone.
Eyes: Matching her hair, her lashes are also white, which veil green eyes with flecks of gold and blue.
Skin: Her skin is the color of cinnamon, from her small ears to her toes.
Miscellaneous: None.
Armor/Clothing: Her outfit is made in a pointedly french way, with a short dress that stops above her knees. The dress is completely brown except for the frilled, white cotton that holds up her chest and the pale white, frilled layer of silk beneath her skirt. Several knots at the base of her hips in the dip of her back keep the dress tight around her stomach. Her dress matches her hat at the top in an equal chocolate brown, which several white feathers sewn on the side. Usually, she has a pair of see-through, black gloves that are sewn in the shape of wildflowers over her hands. Add that with her short, brown heels, and you have Henra's outfit.

Despite her interesting appearance, she gives off an innocent demeanor. She does not usually go picking for fights but doesn't mean she won't finish them once some has started one. Henra sometimes seems like she is a bit of a airhead to some people, always looking off in the distance or rocking back and forth while a humming a little tune. Please, do not take this to heart. She's got a good ear and likes to listen in to people's conversations and set up situations with her new-found information to watch how things will pane out. She is mischievous that pushes to being downright sinister with a sprinkle of seduction and a dash of manipulation. She loves to flirt and can actually be seen as a mature type since she is good at giving advice. Henra might make a lot of noise about staying away from fights but she has a deep love for battles. She's possessive and territorial over her friends and doesn't mind getting rid of any flies going around those she considers precious.

Relationships (will probably be more useful later on, once guild RP gets into full gear)
Parents: Lord and Lady Break.
Siblings: N/A.
Partner: N/A.
Children: N/A.
Enemies: N/A.
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Henra Break
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