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 Forum/RP Rules

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PostSubject: Forum/RP Rules   Forum/RP Rules EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 12:43 am

All members must obey the forum rules, or else FEEL THE WRATH OF GOD! Or just get banned for a while until they learn to behave properly. Both are very real possibilities.

Forum Rules & Regulations

1. Keep things PG-13: We are a guild that accepts all lovers of RP, no matter the age, so please try to keep your posts and RPs family-friendly. If the older members want to make a mature thread, then please mark it with [M] so the young'ns are warned. However, keep all X-rated material off the forum! Or at least in PMs!

2. Be literate: We pride ourselves in a quality RP experience. Please don't downgrade that quality with bad grammar and spelling. 13375p34k and txt tlk are prohibited from RPs, and can be used in a joking matter OOC. Users who have English as a second language will be given leniency.

3. No flaming: Arguments and discussions are allowed and encouraged, but when it just turns into a shouting match, then things will get ugly for the flamers.

4. Socialize!: This is an RP forum for an RP guild on an MMORPG. There is absolutely no reason to lurk around and be antisocial. Unless your character is an antisocial lurker, but you can still socialize plenty outside of the RPs.

Roleplaying Rules & Regulations

1. No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus or Godmodding: Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus are super-powerful, "perfect" characters, and they're annoying to every decent roleplayer. If you suspect your character, take this test, see how you rank, and take appropriate action. Likewise, Godmodding is the act of controlling other people's characters without their permission, and is also highly frowned upon. If someone is away and gives you permission to control their character until their return, however, it is allowed.

2. Follow forum rules during RP: Keep threads PG-13 and be at least semi-literate. If you plan on the RP becoming mature, then have the [M] label to warn younger users. The no flaming and socializing rules will be less enforced in RPs, since heated arguments between characters often drives plot and some characters are anti-social.

3. Use some sort of label when speaking out of character: You must use OOC:, { }, (( )), etc., to set apart statements made out of character. The characters also don't know what you're saying out of character, so if an OOC reveals a secret about one character to be shown IC later on, another character can't suddenly know it.

4. Format: This forum has no set format for RPs, so use whichever one is most comfortable. Some of the most common literate formats are the direct format (*eats pie* I really like this pie.), the third-person novel (Jilianna took a bite of the pie. "I really like this pie." she said.), and the first-person novel (I took a bite of the pie. "I really like this pie." I said.).

5. Be considerate: Just try to be a decent human being while RPing. Don't dodge every attack, don't automatically hit everything, don't know what everyone is thinking at all times, etc. These things cheapen the RP experience and make people less likely to want to RP with you. And you can't RP in an RP guild, well, that's rather disappointing.
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Forum/RP Rules
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